"99 PROBLEMS" Love Couple clipart

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This custom watercolor portrait creator clipart bundle is perfect for creating unique, personalized  portraits. Easily create custom portraits of couples wearing humorous jerseys that say "99 PROBLEMS" and "AIN'T 1".  This download includes 3 skin tones, slim, curvy and larger clothing sizes, dozens of hairstyles and jeans to choose from, allowing you to create 100s of personalized portrait images.

This clipart is ideal for creating one-of-a-kind anniversary or Valentine's Day gifts that will be treasured for years to come. Create a variety of items – personalized prints, mugs, tumblers, planner covers, dish towels or even phone cases.

Included in this download

PNG files - 300 DPI with transparent backgrounds for easy layering.
(A PSD is also included for those who prefer to work in Photoshop.)

39 Female hairstyles
3 Female size jerseys (plain and with "AIN'T 1") text
12 Female Jeans in 3 sizes- Slim, Curvy and Curvier
Pale, Tan and Brown skin tone bodies / Slim & Curvy (you don't need the body images to create this portrait, however you may want to use the body in the future with other clothing options.)
4 Female Arms positions
4 Leg sets in 3 skin tones, Full legs, Legs above knees / Slim & Curvy

30 Male hairstyles / 3 Bald heads / 3 Shaved heads
2 Male size Jerseys (plain and with "99 PROBLEMS") text
6 Male Jeans in 2 sizes/ Slim and Heavier
3 Male Arm positions
6 Male Leg sets / Slim and Heavier

Red cup
Red heart balloon
Pink watercolor background