What are Custom kits and Add-ons?

If you are new to Printable Henry custom clipart, a couple of terms might be unfamiliar to you - "Custom kit" and "Add-ons"

A "Custom" kit includes all of the items needed to create several version of custom portraits. Custom kits also include a basic commercial license that allows up to 500 uses of the kit on physical items. A "use" is defined as the number of times images from one kit are used on one item. Typically one product will equal one use, however if more than one kit is used to create a design, the number of kits used equals the number of commercial uses. (Please note, sales of digital files are prohibited. See terms for commercial use here.)

An "Add-On" kit is designed to work with a Custom kit. Add-on kits provide more options, such as additional hairstyles or themes. An Add-on kit doesn't need its own license if it is being used with a Custom kit's license. The number of time an Add-on kit is used also counts, along with the custom kit items, as a use. For example, a single image using art from a Custom kit and an Add-on kit will count as two uses.

An additional Basic Commercial License can be purchased to add an additional 500(on physical products) uses to a Custom kit and its Add-ons.

An Extended Commercial License provides unlimited use (on physical products) for one Custom kit and its Add-ons.