Commercial Use Terms and Conditions


A commercial license allows for use on physical items only.

A basic commercial license permits you to use the artwork from one (1) listing for up to 500 uses on physical items. A “use” is defined as when the artwork appears on a physical item. For example, if you used items from the The Custom Besties clipart kit to create a mug, that would count as one (1) use. However, if you used items from The Custom Besties kit and The Denim Legs kit to create the image for one mug, this would count as two (2) uses.

Add-on kits can be added-on to a basic commercial license, however these uses also count toward the 500 uses.

An additional basic commercial license can be purchased to provide an additional 500 uses to a PrintableHenry kit and /or Add-on kits.

Extended Commercial License
An Extended Commercial license permits unlimited use the artwork from one (1) listing on physical items.

Selling digital items created with PrintableHenry clipart is prohibited and a violation of copyright, with ONE exception: A customized portrait.

A customized portrait, created uniquely for a customer, may be delivered in a digital format. You must note to the customer that the artwork is for "personal use only, commercial-use is prohibited." This notice must also appear in advertising or listings of shops when digital sales of customized portraits are offered.

Digital downloads are never allowed, and are a violation of copyright.

It is prohibited to share PrintableHenry files, or graphics created with PrintableHenry art, in a Facebook Group, Google Drive, Dropbox or other online storage drive or subscription service.

Selling or giving away PrintableHenry digital files is prohibited.

Using PrintableHenry to create digital clipart, digital downloads is prohibited.

If you post images of PrintableHenry clipart on your online shop to show various customization options, you are responsible for protecting the clipart by overlaying a watermark, adding text over the art, or layering the artwork so the images cannot be downloaded directly from your pages and reused. (A watermark grid is included with PrintableHenry kit downloads, or can be downloaded here:

Use of POD platforms are prohibited. PrintableHenry does not allow designs to be used on any POD websites that upload full-size images and do not watermark preview images. Current POD platforms offer little protection against visitors downloading full-size images directly from the platform or preview designs.

Legally binding takedown notices will be issued  to a site and/or host using POD platforms to post unprotected PrintableHenry artwork. This is a violation of copyright and is not compliant to your commercial license aggreement.

If you have any questions about this commercial license, please contact us.

PrintableHenry retains copyright of all images.

You will need to know how to unzip/extract the zip files. On PC’s, this usually right click on the zip and go to "extract all." On a Mac, double click the file to open it. Please note if this isn't done before you try to use the graphics you may get an error message.

You will also need design software that supports PNG & JPG files and allows you to work in layers. I use Photoshop, but there are dozens of simple programs available that have this function. To create a Custom clipart creation, you will simply copy and paste the clipart onto different layers, and arrange each element into the correct position, Once everything is in place, select your size and print. No painting or drawing tools are needed.

Due to the digital nature of digital downloads, returns, exchanges and/or refunds are not available.

Sharon Henry (PrintableHenry) is not liable against any claims, losses or costs associated with any damages that occur due to you using PrintableHenry clipart.