Slim Party Dresses Add-On kit

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Hand-painted party or bridesmaid dresses clipart. Designed to be used with PrintableHenry Summer Girls Custom kit.

Customize your watercolor portraits with 20 party dresses in two different styles and 10 colors. Also includes legs with fashion heels. Legs are in two styles: side by side and crossed in pale, tan and brown skin tones.

Please note, this is an ADD-ON kit, hair and bodies are not included.

Find the Summer Girls Custom kit here.

Included in this kit

29 PNG files with transparent backgrounds for easy layering

•  Slim Leg Pale/Right
•  Slim Leg Pale/Left
•  Slim Leg Pale/Crossed

•  Slim Leg Tan/Right
•  Slim Leg Tan/Left
•  Slim Leg Tan/Crossed

•  Slim Leg Brown/Right
•  Slim Leg Brown/Left
•  Slim Leg Brown/Crossed

•  Slim Strapped Dress Black
•  Slim Strapped Dress Red
•  Slim Strapped Dress Purple
•  Slim Strapped Dress Blue
•  Slim Strapped Dress Pink
•  Slim Strapped Dress Pink and Purple
•  Slim Strapped Dress Gray
•  Slim Strapped Dress Green
•  Slim Strapped Dress Silver
•  Slim Strapped Light Blue

•  Slim Lace-back Dress Black
•  Slim Lace-back Dress Red
•  Slim Lace-back Dress Purple
•  Slim Lace-back Dress Blue
•  Slim Lace-back Dress Pink
•  Slim Lace-back Dress Pink and Purple
•  Slim Lace-back Dress Gray
•  Slim Lace-back Dress Green
•  Slim Lace-back Dress Silver
•  Slim Lace-back Light Blue

•  Santa hat

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