Bride Tribe Floral Robes Add-On kit

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Floral robe clipart Add-on to be used with  Bride Tribe Custom kit.

Three colors, hand-painted watercolor Floral Bride Tribe robes to combine with the Bride Tribe Custom kit to have even more options.

Included in this kit

30 PNG files, 300 DPI with transparent backgrounds for easy layering.
Three  different floral robe clipart designs (Cream, Pink and Peach) in both slim and curvy body types.
• 8 robe sleeve pieces in each color
• Text for the robe back:
• "Bride"
• "Bridesmaid"
• "Maid of Honor"
• "Maid of Honour"
• Watermark file (If you display these images online to offer your customers options, adding the watermark later on top of the clipart examples helps prevent the clipart from being stolen from your online shop.)