Graduation Girls Doodle clipart

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Create popular graduation girl doodle sketch portraits with this easy to use clipart download.

Combine the hand-drawn elements. Select a graduation gown and hairstyle. Have your grad hold a diploma or glass of champagne. Clipart PNG elements include 24 hairstyles, graduation gowns, caps and stoles with "2024" or blank stoles, diploma, champagne coupe glass, champagne flute glass, confetti burst, scroll banner art.  Each grad gown, cap, stole and hairstyle is available in black with white outlines, and white with black outlines. 

Print as a trendy black & white doodle sketch, or add color to personalize.

Simply layer the clipart pieces to build a personalized grad girl. Add as many happy graduates as you like to make a treasured keepsake for  best friends. With 24 different hairstyles, everyone can be included!