Hoodie Friends Add-On kit

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Hand-painted, watercolor, customizable clipart. Combine with PrintableHenry Custom clipart to create your own watercolor Hoodie Friends portraits.

This kit has individual sleeves, hands and hoodie backs in four colors. Simply add hair and bottoms to create hundreds of unique, custom characters.


Hoodie Friends with no commercial license: This is for personal-use only, or can be added-on to a PrintableHenry commercial license that you already own. Any uses of an Add-on kit, (along with any uses from your Custom kit) count toward the 500-use limit.

Hoodie Friends + Basic commercial license; If you have not already purchased a Custom kit with a commercial license, this listing allows you to use the clipart up to 500 times on physical products.

Hoodie Friends + Extended commercial license; Allows for unlimited use of clipart in this kit on physical items.

Included in this kit

50 PNG files, 300 DPI with transparent backgrounds for easy layering.

• Woman hoodie slim, curvy and plus (hoodie back, hug arm, straight arm, forearm sleeve) in Red, Blue, Gray and Camo Green.

• Woman Hands: Pale, Tan and Brown skin tones

• Man hoodie (hoodie back, hug arm, straight arm, forearm sleeve) in Red, Blue, Gray and Camo Green.

• Man Hands: Pale, Tan and Brown skin tones

• "The King" hoodie design in white

• "The King" hoodie design in red

• "His Queen" hoodie design in white

• "His Queen" hoodie design in red

• Plus a Watermark png file (If you display these images online to show your customers different customization options, add the watermark later on top of the clipart to prevent the clipart from being stolen directly from your online pages.)

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