More BFF Tops Add-On kit

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Create fresh, new fall looks for your Custom BFF kit girls with these colorful, hand-painted tops and accessories.

Tops come in 3 body-type sizes. Slim, Curvy and Plus sizes and have separate sleeves to arrange in any position.

Please note, this is an Add-On kit and does not include hair.

Included in this kit

32 PNG files, 300 DPI with transparent backgrounds for easy layering.

•  Blue & white striped top, 3 body sizes (Slim, Curvy, Fluffy)
•  Blue & white striped sleeves
•  Purple top, 3 sizes (Slim, Curvy, Fluffy)
•  Purple sleeves
•  Pink top, 3 sizes (Slim, Curvy, Fluffy)
•  Pink sleeves
•  Orange plaid top, 3 sizes (Slim, Curvy, Fluffy)
•  Orange plaid sleeves
•  Teal plaid top, 3 sizes (Slim, Curvy, Fluffy)
•  Teal plaid sleeves
•  Orange pumpkin
•  White pumpkin
•  Blue pumpkin
•  Sunflower bouquet
•  Straw hat
•  Hay bale
•  Tim Horton coffee cup
• Watermark png file is included. (If you are using images of the clipart in your shop to show how an item can be customized, please overlay with a watermark to prevent people from stealing the clipart you purchased directly from your pages.)

Due to the nature of digital downloads, I cannot offer refunds. Thank you for understanding.

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