Pet Lovers

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For pet lovers!  31 hand painted watercolor images – 19 dogs, 10 cats, one fluffy rabbit and a cockatoo!

These furry, fluffy and feathered creatures work beautifully with Custom Kits to allow every family member to be included in your watercolor portraits.

Select Basic Commercial License (good for up to 500 sales) 
or Extended Commercial License (unlimited sales).

Included in this kit

•  Yellow mixed breed
•  Chihuahua
•  Corgi
•  Black Lab
•  Husky
•  Gray German Shepard
•  Brown German Shepard
•  Bichon, Poodle (fluffy little white dog)
•  Border Collie
•  White Lab
•  Shaggy Mix
• Pomeranian
•  Dalmatian
•  Dachshund
•  Yellow lab
•  French bulldog
•  Jack Russell
•  Jack Russell with Spots
•  Savannah Cat
•  Orange Cat
•  Persian Cat
•  Tuxedo Cat
•  Tortoise Shell Cat
•  White Persian Cat
•  Gray Cat
•  Calico Cat
•  Siamese Cat
•  Gray Striped Cat
•  Brown Rabbit
•  Cockatoo

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