Plus BFF Custom clipart kit

Regular price $25.50

Beautiful, Plus-size BFF custom watercolor clipart.

Use this kit to create 100s of unique custom watercolor portraits. Mix these Plus-size girls with Custom Besties or Custom BFF kits.

Select the hair, skin tone, and drinks to create your girls!

Find dozens more hairstyles: Custom Hairstyles Add-On kit and Long Hair Add-On kit.

Included in this kit

• 24 different hairstyles and colors

•  Pale, tan and brown skin tones
•  A variety of arm positions
•  Blue jeans (above knee)
•  Blue jeans (sitting)
•  Black jeans (above knee)
•  Black jeans (sitting)
•  7 drinks
• Handful of cash
Bonus for commercial sellers
• "Options" pages. These can be uses in your online shop to show customers option available with this clipart.