Red Bluffs Background

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Hand-painted, red bluffs mountain background. Use this artwork to create beautiful, outdoor-themed, custom watercolor portraits.

This is a 2-piece background. Adjust the position of the sky element to create the desired height of the background.

Each image is about 10-inches wide and can be enlarged or reduced in size.

This clipart is for personal-use. If you will be using this artwork on an item you plan to sell, a basic or extended commercial license is required.

Included in this kit

PNG images with transparent backgrounds, 300dpi

ā€¢ Watercolor sky (2926ā€†Ć—ā€†1826px)
ā€¢ Watercolor red bluff mountain (3023ā€†Ć—ā€†1197px)
ā€¢ Watermark layer (with commercial license)

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