BFF Fashion Add-on clipart

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Loads of gorgeous fashion clipart and accessories to dress up your BFF Fashion Girls portraits.

Please note: This download does NOT include bodies or hairstyles. This Add-On kit is designed to be combined with the Custom BFF Fashion Girls kit, giving you even more options!

This fashion clipart kit can be added to the basic commercial license that is bundled with the BFF Fashion Girls custom clipart kit. Find the BFF Fashion Girls Custom clipart here.

Putting together your custom watercolor portraits is easy. Use most any program that allows you to work in layers. For more information, check out the How-to page.

Hand-painted watercolor fashion clipart

Every element in the BFF Fashion clipart kit is hand-painted on watercolor paper and scanned into a digital format. Because each image is carefully prepared, it will appear in print very closely to the original watercolor painting.

PNG files, 300 DPI with transparent backgrounds for easy layering.


  • 3 Dresses
  • Cropped legs for use with dresses in pale, tan and brown skin tones
  • Open-back blouse wine color with 4 arm positions
  • Black tee with stripes with 4 arm positions
  • Flowered tee with 4 arm positions
  • Olive puffy vest
  • Red cup
A watermark png file is included in PrintableHenry Custom kit downloads. If you are using images of PrintableHenry clipart in your online shop to offer customers options to customize an item, it's important to protect the art by adding text over part of the artwork or placing a watermark image on top of the artwork. This makes it more difficult for people to come to your shop and steal the clipart that you purchased.

My watermark grid is also available for free here.