Bridesmaid Dresses Add-On kit

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Sixteen hand-painted watercolor bridesmaid gowns.
Combine these dresses with the bodies from the Custom Brides kit to create unique portraits for your bridesmaids' proposals, gifts and keepsakes.

This is an Add-On kit and can be added-on to the Basic Commercial License that is bundled with the Custom Brides kit.

Included in this kit

300 DPI / 20 PNG files  with transparent backgrounds for easy layering.

•  3 Sequined gowns in gold, silver and rose gold
•  13 Cross back gowns in an assortment of colors
•  4 Cropped arms in pale and brown (needed for Sister scene design)
•  Watermark png file. (If you are using images of the clipart in your online shop to show how an item can be customized, including a watermark over the clipart images discourages people from stealing the clipart directly from your pages.)