Formal Grounds Background clipart

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Hand-painted, "Formal Grounds", sky, trees and grass background watercolor clipart in three sizes. Makes an ideal background for custom Wedding portraits.

Choose narrow or wide backgrounds to create elegant, watercolor sky, trees and lawn scenes for your custom portraits.
Narrow background work well for square-shaped scenes. While wide backgrounds can be used to create more dramatic views.

This kit is available for personal-use or commercial use.

If the artwork will be used on products you plan to sell, select the basic commercial license (good for up to 500-uses), the Extended Commercial License (unlimited use) option, or a POD license for unlimited use for Print on Demand stores.

Included in this download:

Watercolor sky with clouds - narrow
Watercolor sky with clouds - wide

Watercolor trees and lawn - narrow
Watercolor trees and lawn - wide
Watercolor trees and deeper lawn - wide

Shadow, can be used under people to cast a show on the grass.