Pink Jackets Add-On kit

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Create beautiful one-of-a-kind sisters, family and friends watercolor portraits.

Pink Jackets and pinky-clasp hands (in three skin tones: pale, tan and brown), numbered balloons, pink champagne bottle and glass of pink wine.

Combine this Add-on kit with bodies and hair from Custom Besties, Summer Girls, Custom BFF kits to create custom portraits.

Please note, this Add-On kit does NOT include hair or clothing - other than pink jackets.

This Add-on kit is designed to be combined with hair, legs and accessories from PrintableHenry Custom kits to create more options.

Included in this kit

25 png images / 300 dpi with transparent backgrounds for easy layering.

• Pink Jacket left arm down/Left - Blank back
• Pink Jacket right arm down/Right - Blank back
• Pink Jacket arms up - Blank back
• Pink Jacket arms down - Blank back

• Pink Jacket left arm down - Big Sister
• Pink Jacket right arm down - Little Sister
• Pink Jacket arms up - Middle Sister

• Pink Jacket left arm down - Best
• Pink Jacket right arm down - Friends

• Pinky hand right/Brown (Arms raised)
• Pinky hand left/Brown (Arms raised)
• Pinky hand right/Tan (Arms raised)
• Pinky hand left/Tan (Arms raised)
• Pinky hand right/Pale (Arms raised)
• Pinky hand left/Pale (Arms raised)
• Pinky hand right/Brown (Arms lowered)
• Pinky hand left/Brown (Arms lowered)
• Pinky hand right/Tan (Arms lowered)
• Pinky hand left/Tan (Arms lowered)
• Pinky hand right/Pale (Arms lowered)
• Pinky hand left/Pale (Arms lowered)

• Pink balloons: #20
• Pink balloons: #21

• Pink champagne bottle
• Glass of rose wine

• Swaying hearts tree

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