Summer Legs Add-on kit

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Hand-painted watercolor, custom clipart. This kit includes 48 sets of legs and slim and curvy size skirts and shorts to combine with other PrintableHenry custom clipart.

Please note, this is an ADD-ON kit, hair, bodies and dresses are not included.

52 PNG files with transparent backgrounds for easy layering.

Looking for the Summer Dresses shown in the portrait examples? Visit:

•   Slim cut-off jeans
•  Curvy cut-off jeans
•  Slim mini skirt
•  Curvy mini skirt

•  Slim Legs Side-by-Side Brown barefoot
•  Slim Legs Side-by-Side Brown sneakers
•  Slim Legs Side-by-Side Brown sandals
•  Slim Legs Side-by-Side Brown flip-flops

•  Slim Legs Side-by-Side Tan barefoot
•  Slim Legs Side-by-Side Tan sneakers
•  Slim Legs Side-by-Side Tan sandals
•  Slim Legs Side-by-Side Tan flip-flops

•  Slim Legs Side-by-Side Pale barefoot
•  Slim Legs Side-by-Side Pale sneakers
•  Slim Legs Side-by-Side Pale sandals
•  Slim Legs Side-by-Side Pale flip-flops

•  Slim Legs Crossed Brown barefoot
•  Slim Legs Crossed Brown sneakers
•  Slim Legs Crossed Brown sandals
•  Slim Legs Crossed Brown flip-flops

•   Slim Legs Crossed Tan barefoot
•   Slim Legs Crossed Tan sneakers
•   Slim Legs Crossed Tan sandals
•   Slim Legs Crossed Tan flip-flops

•   Slim Legs Crossed Pale barefoot
•   Slim Legs Crossed Pale sneakers
•   Slim Legs Crossed Pale sandals
•   Slim Legs Crossed Pale flip-flops

•   Plus Legs Side-by-Side Brown barefoot
•   Plus Legs Side-by-Side Brown sneakers
•   Plus Legs Side-by-Side Brown sandals
•   Plus Legs Side-by-Side Brown flip-flops

•   Plus Legs Side-by-Side Tan barefoot
•   Plus Legs Side-by-Side Tan sneakers
•   Plus Legs Side-by-Side Tan sandals
•   Plus Legs Side-by-Side Tan flip-flops

•   Plus Legs Side-by-Side Pale barefoot
•   Plus Legs Side-by-Side Pale sneakers
•   Plus Legs Side-by-Side Pale sandals
•   Plus Legs Side-by-Side Pale flip-flops

•   Plus Legs Crossed Brown barefoot
•   Plus Legs Crossed Brown sneakers
•   Plus Legs Crossed Brown sandals
•   Plus Legs Crossed Brown flip-flops

•   Plus Legs Crossed Tan barefoot
•   Plus Legs Crossed Tan sneakers
•   Plus Legs Crossed Tan sandals
•   Plus Legs Crossed Tan flip-flops

•   Plus Legs Crossed Pale barefoot
•   Plus Legs Crossed Pale sneakers
•   Plus Legs Crossed Pale sandals
•   Plus Legs Crossed Pale flip-flops

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