Summer Legs Add-On kit

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Hand-painted watercolor, custom clipart. This kit includes 48 sets of legs in three skin tones and slim and curvy size skirts and shorts. Customize with a variety of sneakers, sandals, flip-flops or bare feet.

Create standing girls by adding this kit to the Custom Besties, Custom BFF or Custom Plus BFF kits.

Please note, this is an ADD-ON kit, hair, bodies and dresses are not included.

Included in this kit

300dpi / 52 PNG files with transparent backgrounds for easy layering.

•  Slim cut-off jeans
•  Curvy cut-off jeans
•  Slim mini skirt
•  Curvy mini skirt

•  Slim Legs Side-by-Side Brown barefoot
•  Slim Legs Side-by-Side Brown sneakers
•  Slim Legs Side-by-Side Brown sandals
•  Slim Legs Side-by-Side Brown flip-flops

•  Slim Legs Side-by-Side Tan barefoot
•  Slim Legs Side-by-Side Tan sneakers
•  Slim Legs Side-by-Side Tan sandals
•  Slim Legs Side-by-Side Tan flip-flops

•  Slim Legs Side-by-Side Pale barefoot
•  Slim Legs Side-by-Side Pale sneakers
•  Slim Legs Side-by-Side Pale sandals
•  Slim Legs Side-by-Side Pale flip-flops

•  Slim Legs Crossed Brown barefoot
•  Slim Legs Crossed Brown sneakers
•  Slim Legs Crossed Brown sandals
•  Slim Legs Crossed Brown flip-flops

•   Slim Legs Crossed Tan barefoot
•   Slim Legs Crossed Tan sneakers
•   Slim Legs Crossed Tan sandals
•   Slim Legs Crossed Tan flip-flops

•   Slim Legs Crossed Pale barefoot
•   Slim Legs Crossed Pale sneakers
•   Slim Legs Crossed Pale sandals
•   Slim Legs Crossed Pale flip-flops

•   Plus Legs Side-by-Side Brown barefoot
•   Plus Legs Side-by-Side Brown sneakers
•   Plus Legs Side-by-Side Brown sandals
•   Plus Legs Side-by-Side Brown flip-flops

•   Plus Legs Side-by-Side Tan barefoot
•   Plus Legs Side-by-Side Tan sneakers
•   Plus Legs Side-by-Side Tan sandals
•   Plus Legs Side-by-Side Tan flip-flops

•   Plus Legs Side-by-Side Pale barefoot
•   Plus Legs Side-by-Side Pale sneakers
•   Plus Legs Side-by-Side Pale sandals
•   Plus Legs Side-by-Side Pale flip-flops

•   Plus Legs Crossed Brown barefoot
•   Plus Legs Crossed Brown sneakers
•   Plus Legs Crossed Brown sandals
•   Plus Legs Crossed Brown flip-flops

•   Plus Legs Crossed Tan barefoot
•   Plus Legs Crossed Tan sneakers
•   Plus Legs Crossed Tan sandals
•   Plus Legs Crossed Tan flip-flops

•   Plus Legs Crossed Pale barefoot
•   Plus Legs Crossed Pale sneakers
•   Plus Legs Crossed Pale sandals
•   Plus Legs Crossed Pale flip-flops

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